YMP Scholarships

The Young Mining Professionals Scholarship Fund (‘YMPSF’) was established to help Fund and promote mining and mining-related education to Canada’s next-generation mining entrepreneurs.

YMPSF’s mandate is to attract young people to Canada’s exploration and mining industry by supporting their academic studies in earth sciences post-secondary programs. YMPSF is a volunteer-based organization with 100% of its donations from partners awarded directly to the student scholarship recipients.

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YMPSF is pleased to announce the continuation of its scholarship fund for 2022. This year the Fund has grown to over $200,000 within 42 individual scholarships ranging from $500 to $15,000 awarded to post-secondary students across Canada.

The growth of the YMPSF results from the support and donations from its partners below. Scholarship details and submission instructions are featured Scholarship Applications section.


Spotlight Interview 

Tune in to YMPSF Video, hosted by Director Tony Moreau, where he catches up with scholarship recipients and leaders of the companies that have generously donated to the Young Mining Professionals Scholarship Fund!