YMP Scholarships 2023

The Young Mining Professionals Scholarship Fund (‘YMPSF’) was established to help Fund and promote mining and mining-related education to Canada’s next-generation mining entrepreneurs.

YMPSF’s mandate is to attract young people to Canada’s exploration and mining industry by supporting their academic studies in earth sciences post-secondary programs. YMPSF is a volunteer-based organization with 100% of its donations from partners awarded directly to the student scholarship recipients.

2023 Scholarship Winners

to be announced at the end of october


In Scholarships to Award in 2023!

The YMP Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce the scholarships for 2023, totaling $210,000 in awards! This year, YMPSF has partnered with 24 different companies to fund a series of $500 – $15,000 scholarships for Canadian university students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled in the 2023/2024 academic year in an earth-sciences post-secondary program pursuing a career in mining.



Contribute to the fund

Young Mining Professionals Scholarship Fund is a registered charity accepting contributions and donations to fund scholarships for students enrolled in mining-related post-secondary education. YMP Scholarship Fund will issue official donation receipts.
Interested in sponsoring a scholarship? Reach out to scholarships@youngminingprofessionals.com for details!