Lottery Winner’s Spotlight

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2020 Lottery Scholarship draws!

Below are some of our featured Canadian students.

Week 10: Leah Crossley

BEng – Geological Engineering – University of New Brunswick (2021)

Leah is going into her final year of Geological Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. She is also pursuing a secondary major in Environmental Studies, as she is passionate about environmental issues and hopes to use her career to help create a more sustainable world. This summer, Leah was fortunate to go back to GEMTEC, a maritime-based engineering firm that focuses on geotechnical and environmental engineering, for her third work-term. She hopes to continue her studies with a Masters of Science in Geological Engineering. Congrats Leah!

Week 10: Gracie Wilson

BSc – Earth and Ocean Science – University of Victoria (2022)

Gracie is in her third year of Earth and Ocean Science at the University of Victoria and shifted her focus to Earth Science after falling in love with geology. She became interested in a career in the mining industry after attending a field school in the area of the Mount Polley Mine disaster and became passionate about safe and sustainable mining practices. In the future she is interested in working to create ethical and lasting partnerships between mining companies and the communities they work in and around. Congrats Gracie!

Week 9: Milton Chateauvert

BEng – Mining Engineering – Laurentian University (2021)

Milton is entering his fourth year of mining engineering at Laurentian University and has enjoyed his time in mining very much. He has helped to lead the Laurentian University Mine Rescue club and competed at the Canadian Mining Games this past winter in Halifax.  Milton will be co-captaining this upcoming year’s team and is very excited about that opportunity. He is also currently the CIM Sudbury Branch student rep and looks forward to helping other students network and learn more about the industry. Milton has almost two years of co-op experience at three different large scale underground mining operations in Northern Ontario in several aspects of mining engineering and operations.  Milton has nothing but great experiences in the mining industry and looks forward to more opportunities to come within his career. Congrats Milton!

Week 8: Matt Fedorchuk

BSc – Geology – University of Calgary (2024)

Matthew Fedorchuk just completed his first year in geology at the University of Calgary.  He was interested in geology because it mixes with his passion for rock climbing, and he wanted to learn more about what exactly he was climbing.  The field schools were also an appealing aspect of geosciences as they offer a hands-on learning experience.  He will be continuing his studies in the fall with a greater emphasis in geophysics, and look forward to what the future brings. Congrats Matt!

Week 8: Muhammad Alam

BSc – Mining Engineering Co-op – University of Alberta (2021)

Muhammad is enrolled in his 5th and final year (starting in Fall) of a BSc in Mining Engineering Coop at the Univerity of Alberta.  He chose to go into mining due to the ranging scale of opportunities around the globe, the freedom of choice between working in an office environment as well the field, and lastly, the application of mathematical knowledge to large scale mining optimization and analysis. Moreover, since starting his degree at the U of A, he has completed two coop terms. One with an Australian mining company, Thiess Pty Ltd., as an all-round mining engineering student. Secondly, and most recently, he was employed by Suncor as a development engineering student in the Tailings sector. At Suncor, he focused his time on developing projects from the ground up. Projects included various tailings equipment procurement while also targeting the heart of tailings with new and innovative water containment technologies. Lastly, besides school and work, he focuses his time on running two successful photography businesses in the portrait and wedding industry.  Congrats Muhammad!

Week 6: Yuxuan Li

BSc – Earth Sciences – Laurentian University (2021)

Yuxuan is passionate about mining because it is a field where she will be able to see the world, meet interesting people and always be tasked with solving problems. Congratulations Yuxuan!

Week 6: Alex Bateman

BEng – Mining – British Columbia Institute of Technology (2022)

Alex is halfway through her mining engineering degree at BCIT. She became interested in the mining industry because of the complex and dynamic work and abundant opportunities. Alex is motivated by finding ways to optimize mine operations and solve inefficiencies by clocking time in the field or underground with the operators.

Week 5: Rachel Noodle

MSc – Earth Sciences – Dalhousie University (2022)

Rachel completed her Bachelor of Science Honours in Earth and Environmental Science from Dalhousie University in 2020.  During her undergrad, Rachel worked in the Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility which kick-started her passion for using isotopes to better understand surficial processes. She continued studying geochemistry with her honours thesis work, using the isotopic signature of bioindicators to identify pollutants within coastal Nova Scotia.  Rachel is continuing this passion with an MSc project that explores the nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry of water and hopes to use this knowledge for future work in the mining industry. Congratulations Rachel!

Week 4: Vladislav Sheshnev

BSc – Geology – University of Saskatchewan (2022)

Vladislav is attending his 3rd year at the University of Saskatchewan where he is majoring in Geology and minoring in Geomatics. His interest in the mining industry derives from his fascination of the processes that lead to the deposition of minerals and ore bodies. Congratulations Vlad!

Week 2: Steven Blackadder

BSc – Mining Engineering Co-op – University of Alberta (2023)

Steven enjoys Mining Engineering because the smaller class size allows for a more intimate learning experience.  There is also a great sense of community between the mining engineering students at U of A despite being in different years in the program.  He is looking forward to participating in the Mine Rescue Club again this coming year. Congrats Steven!

Week 2: Jacque Trojman

BSc – Earth Sciences – Carleton University (2022)

Jacque’s favourite subjects are geophysics and hydrogeology, specifically the relationship between the two. Like most others, his summer work plans have fallen through as a result of COVID-19. This summer, he was excited to go on his school field school trip to Sudbury, ON, where he would have gotten the opportunity to work and get experience in exploration geology. Sadly it was cancelled because of COVID-19, and as a result, it has added an extra summer semester before graduation.

This year, Jacque attended the PDAC conference in Toronto, which helped him to make good connections in the prospective Mining Industry. He is hoping to use these skills and connections in the future for potential work experience opportunities. Congratulations Jacque!


Week 1: Alyssa Coelho

BSc – Environmental Geoscience – University of Western Ontario (2021)

Alyssa is a fourth-year Environmental Geoscience student at Western University with interests in hydrology and biogeochemistry. She is currently an intern at the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, mapping areas of the Canadian High Arctic and participating in the CSA’s Canadian CubeSats Project. For future career aspirations, she wishes to focus on the environmental effects of mining on soils and waters, and to work with mining companies to make mining more sustainable. She hopes to be part of an innovative future of mining. Congrats Alyssa!

Additional Lottery Winners

Week 9: Aedan Bridwell – Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of British Columbia Okanagan (2022)

Week 7: Annika Richardson – Bachelor of Science Geology, University of Calgary (2022)

Week 7: Emma Murphy – Bachelor of Science, Dalhousie University (2022)

Week 5: Anik Tremblay – BSc Geology – Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (2021)

Week 4: Qin Zhang – PhD Geology and Geophysics – University of Calgary (2023)

Week 3: Mark McDonald – MSc Geological Engineering – Queen’s University (2022)

Week 3: Anne Anca Arielle Fanfan – Mining Engineering – Polytechnique Montréal (2023)

Week 1Claire Abramski – BSc Earth and Environmental Sciences – University of British Columbia Okanagan (2021)